A Misuse of HDR in LA

I have been playing with Pro HDR Camera – an app that lets you take HDR images…

Which are High Dynamic Range images. The technique uses several images (usually three) with different exposures and combines them to maximize the dynamic range of your photos. For example, taking a picture of your friend sitting in the shade on a sunny day with one exposure may result in good detail of the bright scenery around them but a too-dark subject, or a well-defined subject but a washed out background. HDR let’s you take both of those images and intelligently splice the best parts together.

That is the intended use at least.

In LA I abused the HDR app to try and capture fast-moving scenes. The result is ghostly scenes of semi-transparent objects and blended backgrounds. Hard to control, but very fun!

I tried some fairly extreme post-processing as well. The first two in the sequences are the processed images, the third is the original. The idea of the first was to make it “pop”, and the second was to emphasize the spookiness of the technique.


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