>phd_year(4) = 6

(the one where things seem to be coming together…)

Last week was dense. Most day’s I’d arrive at the office at 8:00 and wouldn’t leave campus until 7:00. This isn’t recommended or sustainable. It was just one of those weeks where everything seems to come to a point, all at once. Turns out I wasn’t the only one with a wild week. My girlfriend, with whom I live, also had a particularly heavy week. As a result, by the weekend, we were both burnt. Once I recognized that both our energies were draining, and since my schedule is far more negotiable than hers, I tried to pick up a little extra weight around the house. Part of this duty involved organizing a non-negotiable recovery session on Saturday afternoon. I surprised her with a trip to a petting farm.

IMG_20191005_125719-01.jpegLast week wasn’t all stress though. It actually felt like a lot of things started to fall into place. I can’t go into too much detail, but I’ve been asked to write something for a publication, and had my name put forward for a media and content creation gig. There is a group of us from ComSciCon-AIP who have been active in putting together a writing group to help each other develop as communicators. I received positive feedback about starting to document my progress into the word of science writing. And my thesis student and I are starting to make some real headway on his project.

Things feel like they are coming together, yes, and it may feel like it’s a direct consequence of the big week I put in. But I need to remind myself, results don’t come immediately. The success I’m having is due to all the work I put in leading up to last week. Most important, I need to remember that a lot of that time was spent feeling like I wasn’t gaining any traction.

I’m starting to see results, but I can’t let that lead me into an unsustainable work-life balance. This is what I told myself last night, over a glass of wine with Andrea, after climbing onto the roof of our apartment.


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