About A+S



Well, I’m nearly done grad school. Now what?


My name is Adam and I am a physics grad student at McMaster University in Canada. I spend a lot of time in the lab stretching, poking, and squishing soft materials.

I am passionate about scientific literacy, and want to share the excitement I get from exploring nature systematically. I look for pretty things and try to understand them.

I also spend a lot of time writing and thinking about writing. I love “zines”, and am even trying to make my own (rand_walk).

Please consider visiting the A+S shop. All proceeds from the “a) everyone” and “b) everyone” designs are donated to GWIPA (Graduate Women in Physics and Astronomy) at McMaster. This group works to promote gender diversity in traditionally male-dominated fields. For example, each spring they host a “Girls in Science” day for high school students to take part in hands-on science demos presented by the Physics and Astronomy department at McMaster.