Interviewed for 93.3 CFMU

Recently I was interviewed about my work volunteering for McMaster's campus radio, CFMU. This is where I host a radio show about the cool research McMaster grads do, and where I sometimes play my own science podcast (see Podcasts). Here's an excerpt. Click here to read the whole interview! Adam Fortais is a final-year PhD candidate … Continue reading Interviewed for 93.3 CFMU

>phd_year(4) = 9

I had time to think.  Mostly I thought about a tweet I saw a few days ago. It said something like, "I'm passionate about my research, but also about 10 other things including my health." I can't say I've ever thought of my health in this way. I've always treated my health as a thing that got in the way. I need to fix this. I'm going to fix this. 

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(the one where things seem to be coming together...) Last week was dense. Most day's I'd arrive at the office at 8:00 and wouldn't leave campus until 7:00. This isn't recommended or sustainable. It was just one of those weeks where everything seems to come to a point, all at once. Turns out I wasn't … Continue reading >phd_year(4) = 6

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My last year of grad school starts this week, and I already have homework. I've been given a long leash this year to start pursing next-steps and post-graduation opportunities. I've decided I would use this time to pursue science communication and journalism. As part of the exploration, I've applied and been accepted to a science … Continue reading >phd_year(4) = 1