Most recent mixtape

Nature makes such kind transitions.
I do not.
Sea to shore to horizon
Beyond that, who cares? We’re down here, right now.

This mixtape is made from a collection of 45s I’ve collected over the years. In some cases, these are from trips where I had the chance to pop in a record store or two and brought home a cheap 45 from a local band I’ve never heard of. In other cases, these are from bands on tour or friends of friends. Instead of a setlist, I’ve taken a picture of each record.

This collection of songs were inspired by my friend Andrew.

you can look at things as close as you want
it won’t make them better
but it will make them different

This is the first mixtape of a series. Mixed live from my computer, to a cassette then back to my computer. Stupid, yes, but the tape is a gift and I’d like to keep the mix for posterity.

The set was inspired by my friend Ben.

Instagram Radio 2019

Like 2018 (see below) but I’m going to try and do it every day.

Instagram Radio 2018

In 2018 I periodically shared a song I got really into on my Instagram story. I collected the songs in a Spotify playlist.